NY Eye Surgery Associates was established in 1971 under its former name, Concourse Ophthalmology Associates. The first office was located at 1938 Grand Concourse in the Bronx. During its founding years, New York Eye had just two employees, a reception area waiting room, two examination rooms and a small executive office. Within a few years, the practice had begun to outgrow its first location. In 1976, the company relocated to a larger building at 1940 Grand Concourse. This facility housed two waiting rooms; and would serve as the home of New York Eye for nearly ten years.

The 1980’s saw another period of tremendous growth for the practice and an ever-growing trend toward outpatient surgery for cataracts and other eye disorders, which, after 5 years of planning, resulted in the creation of a full-service ophthalmic surgical center, New York Eye Surgery Center, located at 1101 Pelham Parkway North. The facility is complete with two operating rooms and a dedicated laser room, as well as 18 Exam Rooms and fully-equipped Diagnostic Testing Department.

The practice has Professional Staff of 10 Physicians (including 8 Ophthalmologists with 2 fellowship-trained Cornea Specialists, 1 Glaucoma Specialist, 1 Retinal Specialist and 1 Oculoplastic Surgeon, as well as 3 Optometrists and a part-time Internist.

In addition to the medical and loyal and dedicated administrative staff, the entire Technical Department is comprised of certified ophthalmic personnel, such as a Certified Orthoptist, who specializes in ocular motility, Certified Ophthalmic Assistants and Certified Ophthalmic Scribes.

The physicians and staff of the practice are responsible for nearly 30,000 patient visits a year, seeing an average of 150 patients per day. Also, over 30,000 diagnostic tests are performed annually and our doctors participate in various clinical research studies.