Glaucoma Procedures and Minimally Invasive Glaucoma Surgery (MIGS) Approaches


Standard glaucoma surgeries — trabeculectomy and ExPRESS shunts, external tube-shunts like the Ahmed and Baerveldt styles — are major surgeries. While they are all very effective at lowering eye pressure and preventing progression of glaucoma, they are for advanced glaucoma and are considered more evasive methods of treatment.

MIGS procedures work by using microscopic-sized equipment and tiny incisions. The MIGS group of procedures are divided into several categories:

  • Miniaturized versions of trabeculectomy
  • Trabecular bypass operations
  • Totally internal or suprachoroidal shunts
  • Milder, gentler versions of laser photocoagulation

At New York Eye Surgery Associates and our affiliate, the AAAHC-certified, Ambulatory Surgery Center of Greater NY, our Glaucoma Specialist, Dr. Nathan Radcliffe was the first surgeon in New York to offer patients the CyPass Supraciliary Microstent, the Kahook Dual Blade Goniotomy, Visco 360 and Trab 360, the G6 micropulse laser, and Allergan’s Xen subconjunctival implant.

NY Eye Surgery Center Glaucoma

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